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   Devastating Critical STR Tank
   Devastating Critical RDD
   Susan Sto Helit (Healer)
   Hulk Hogan (Paladin/CoT/HS STR Tank) *INCOMPLETE*
   Mister Boombastic (Paladin/CoT/WM Smiter)
   Boomstick (Fighter/WM/Blackguard Smiter)
   Generic Stealther (Rogue/Ranger/Shadowdancer)
   The Fury (Sorcerer/Paladin/Monk Mage)
   IYoungBeautifulI (Monk/BardArcane Archer)
   Precision (Monk/Wizard/Arcane Archer)
   Judge Gabranth (Fighter/WM/Bard STR Tank)
   Witch-King of Angmar (Fighter/WM/Bard Dual Wield Fun Build)
   Judge Gabranth (Fighter/WM/Bard Neversummer Build)
   Godzilla (Bard/Druid/Monk Neversummer Dragon)
   Tree Hugging Hippy (Druid/CoT/Monk Neversummer Dragon)
   Judge Drace (Paladin/WM/Bard Damage Build)
   Judge Ghis (Fighter/WM/Rogue Dex Tank)
   Judge Zargabaath (Rogue/Monk/CoT Sneaker Hunter)
   Judge Bergan (Barbarian/Bard/RDD Dev Critter)
   The Fear (Rogue/Fighter/Monk CSer)
   Judge Zecht (Bard/RDD/CoT Combat Bard)
   Pyroclasm (Rogue/Cleric/Monk Mace Dexer)
   Tyrant-00 (Fighter/Bard/RDD STR Tank)
   Nemesis (Fighter/WM/Bard STR Tank)
   Judge Zargabaath (Bard/RDD/CoT STR Tank Neversummer Build)
   Black Hound (Ranger/WM/Fighter DEX Sneak Damage Build)
15th April 2007

Added Judge Zargabaath Neversummer, Tyrant-00, Black Hound, Nemesis.

8th April 2007

Added Pyroclasm and Judge Zecht.

19th March 2007

Added Judge Bergan, Drace, Ghis, Zargabaath, The Fear.

12th March 2007

Updated the Neversummer Judge Gabranth build to reflect current specifications.

5th March 2007

Added two Neversummer Dragon Shape builds.

27th February 2007

Added a build for a Neversummer 3.5 Judge Gabranth.

17th February 2007

Added builds for Judge Gabranth and a dual-wielding Witch-King of Angmar.

Page Launch
25th January 2007

Added a few pages. An important note is that Great * feats tend to muck up the starting stats at level 1. These'll be fixed as they're noticed, but if it looks odd, just count the number of Great * feats taken and compare to the level 1 stats.