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Thyden Travynth (Level 8, Guard Captain)

Mared (Level 9, Thug) Deceased

Chloe Kassian (Level 6, Voice of Bhaliir) Deceased

Kaeron Draul Deceased

Andrik (Level 8, Assassin) Executed

Russander Naflan (Level 9, Guard Captain) Deceased

Kevan Bhaliir (Level 13, Weapon Master, Cousin of Lheskar Bhaliir) Deceased

Conster de Vir (Level 11) Resigned

Riko Kross Retired

Durmond Halbrish (Level 8) Retired

Lheskar Bhaliir (Lord) NPC

Cynn Akeron (Level 10) Resigned

Eliot Richtor (Level 6) Resigned

Anandra Gith Undry (Level 7) Resigned

Randall Kinstilt (Level 1) Executed

Ando Benneman Resigned

Atton Jacobi (Level 9, House Captain) NPC

Flez Triston (Level 6) Deceased

Laura Greymourne (Level 7) Deceased

Lincoln Roswell Murdered