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Jezebelle (Level 9, Loviatar) Murdered

Katrina Darkhaven (Level 10, Kelemvor, House of Death Founder) Retired

Olivia (Level 11, Tymora) Retired

Wilimac (Level 9, Tymora) Retired

Tyran't T'raktar (Level 10, 13 with ECL, Red Half-Dragon, Tiamat) Retired

Mantin Ders (Level 10, Talos) Murdered

Kain Dragonheart (Level 10, Bane) Retired

Poena Weidt (Level 10) Deceased

Silas Jain (Level 10, Orcus) Deceased

Alexia Moonglow (Level 11, Mystran Shrine Representative, Mystra) NPC

Gaius Reed (Level 10, Talona) Retired

Tira'rin Ismene (Level 9, Tiamat) Deceased

Minna Hawkwinter (Level 10, Official Clergy, Lathander) Retired

Valiand Arniman (Level 11, Official Clergy, Lathander) Deceased

Cold Sigers (Level 12, Ilmater) Retired

Lylah (Loviatar) Retired

Edmund Duseros (Level 5) Retired

Galast Arenmoore (Level 9, Malar) Executed

Kitty Du'Vine (Level 10, Sharess) Retired

Amyriel Carpenter (Level 12, Ilmater) Retired

Raemos Dagmoth (Level 11, Bane) Deceased

Dyhiel Zyhine (Level 10, Kossuth) Retired

Teth Silvermane (Level 13, Kelemvor, House of Death Seneschal) Deceased

Adela Borina (Level 10, Mask) Deceased

Sarah Steelgate (Level 9, Helm) Deceased

Hayden Chisholme (Level 7, Official Tyr Clergy) Deceased

Cassandra Adhmor (Level 5, Tymora, Official Lady's House) Retired

Tobin Sett (Level 10, Velsharoon) Petrified

Lillibeth Ravenlocks (Level 7, Beshaba) Executed

Arcturus Ruha (Level 5, Velsharoon) Deceased

Aboryn Rhaul (Level 11, Shar) Murdered

Marissa Thorne (Level 7, 8 with ECL, Aasimar, Official Tyr Clergy) Retired

Alora Freeman (Level 6, 7 with ECL, Aasimar, Official Selune Clergy) Retired

Anichka Winterbourne (Level 9, 10 with ECL, Official Auril Clergy, Tiefling) Deceased

Riv Ayer (Level 8, Mask) Deceased

Nekros Darkflame (Level 9, Velsharoon) Executed