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This list is that of those who made specific contributions to these pages, and which in particular. Thanks to them for their assistance.

- Ketu Mond
- Alazlyn Serer
- Charles Straus, Jason Creed, Kaeden Myers, Thakrin Osvarr, Maverick, Zafir Nassar, Vaznar Kalmyr, Szass Zoon, Karce Ordon (Both), player card, Tropicana playercard, Thunder Lamb avatar card, Aboryn Rhaul, Hinx avatar card, Jessie Palmer, Thrag Grelxsen, John Ermyn
- Wanderer, Morich Leonson, player card, Morn Darkwood, caption update assistance, Astrein

Source Images
haljordan - Sai Meir, Kyra De'syr, Shandryl Cy'varia

Kururru - Kinaru Hitomi, Dia'Etain + Kururru playercards

Loonayaa - playercard

Bob Nimrod - Nathan Goldmane

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