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DivisionByZero (Brain Dog)

Hint of Insanity (Mr. Pickles)

Slider76 (Resident FR Doctoral)

Tephritidae (Big Old Jerk)

Lexicon Devil (Sultan of Sleaze)

Gurb (His Excellency Sir High Uberlord)


Mr. Moloch (Baby Eater)

SelfFulfillingProphecy (*crickets*)

Dr. Penguin (The Doc)

Mr.C (Catharsis/Original, Bard of the Reaper)

SithSpawn (Residential Hermit)

Armitage Shanks (Guinness Monkey)

Deadlock (Hung Jury)

Lebasol (Cleaning Fluid)

ThornMcGreenThumb-Florist (Follows the "Long DM Name" trend)

CakeOrDeath (Comfortably Numb/ToM, Come to Daddy)

Snowstorm (Snowy ^-^)

Thunder Lamb (Tubdum Wayder)

Syntax (Professional Gamesmaster)

Hinx (Truffle Shuffle)

Tinker (The New Girl)

Gmork (Brain Stew)