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El'vryth Aman E'len (Level 9, Seldarine Council) Retired

Aliya Serahym (Level 10, Seldarine Council) Retired

Calia Di'ren (Level 11) Retired

Melissa Amraphel (Level 11, Arcane Archer) Retired

Shanee Aerthern Retired

Anien Melyan (Level 10) Retired

Sirion Ah'ailoki Retired

Nienna Miriel (Level 12) Retired

Maureen Weatheral (Level 9) Retired

Celine Mional (Level 8) Retired

Salynda Sunbraid (Level 12) Deceased

Solonthir Cy'Vareth Retired

Aniya Siamne (Level 9) Retired

Anyndil Meynn (Level 15) Deceased

Elvalia Di'Malle (Level 12) Deceased

Ingavar Relle (Level 8) Retired

Cleo (Level 10) Retired

Hedia Mel'fier (Level 11) Deceased