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Oliver Baba (Level 14, Purple Dragon Constal) Retired + NPC

Crysania Silverwind (Level 13, Alarphon Diviner) NPC

Neil Bryant (Level 12, Purple Dragon Lionar, Divine Champion of Helm) Transferred

Darius Blake (Level 10, Militia Commander) DMPC

Lilyis Wellington (Level 14, Alarphon Diviner) Transferred

William Brightman (Level 7, Purple Dragon Battlepriest Blade) Retired

Timlin Cultan (Militia Lieutenant) Resigned

Tir Cerroth (Level 6, Purple Dragon Sword Captain) MIA

Zarachan the Seventh (Level 19, High War Wizard Summoner) NPC

Richard Evarlin (Level 5, Militia Private) Transferred

Karin Gallin (Head War Wizard Alarphon) NPC

Warden Dutharr (Head of Arabel City Militia, OverSword) NPC Retired

Dauneth Marliir (High Lord, Warden of the North, Commander of the Purple Dragons) NPC Deceased

Corynt Senthent (Level 11, Purple Dragon Pathfinder, may be a MASH character) NPC Deceased

Thadeus (War Wizard Alarphon) NPC

Eldaris Shadusk (Level 13, High War Wizard Summoner, Celestial Defender of Cormyr)

Carse Farrien (Level 10, High Wizard Transmuter) Missing

Arcuin Midshield (Level 7, Militia Private) Fired

Torvis Keridon (Level 10, Alarphon Transmuter) NPC Missing

Mara Krows (Level 8, Militia Commander) Resigned

Zyl D'Enitor (Level 9, Militia Lieutenant) NPC Missing

Octand Delarath (Level 6, former Thond retainer, Purple Dragon Tracker) Resigned

Alyssa Serelli (Level 9, Purple Dragon Scout) Deceased + NPC

Samar Willnet (Militia Sergeant) Resigned

Kartulo Hatulo (Level 8, Militia Sergeant) Deceased

Marvin "Miles" Stalyn (Level 7, Militia Lieutenant) Deceased

Samarin Nar'falon (Level 9, War Wizard) Deceased

Jeoffry Wellington IV (Level 8, former Fezznick retainer, Purple Dragon Scout) Deceased

Andrea Rhyssa (Level 8, Purple Dragon Scout) Fired

Kassedy Ward (Level 10, Purple Dragon Lionar) Resigned

Kaylen Dane (Level 9, Purple Dragon Lionar) Resigned

Albert Steiner (Level 9, Purple Dragon Constal) Deceased + NPC

Calvin Brown (Militia Sergeant) Deceased

James Mayfields (Militia Private) Resigned

Theo Kain (Level 7, War Wizard Generalist) Fired

Dante Fairwood (Level 6, Purple Dragon Tracker) Transferred

Aeriel Reinholdt (War Wizard Evoker) Fired

Killian Coldwell (Purple Dragon Battlepriest Blade) Retired

Arabel City Guard (Grunt) NPC

Arabel City Guard (Officer) NPC

Kaeden Myers (Level 11, Purple Dragon Lionar) Resigned

Purple Dragon Knight NPC

Charles Straus (Level 12, Militia Captain) NPC Missing

Tomas Xavien (Level 11, High War Wizard Transmuter) Resigned

Casper Cleareyes (Level 9, Purple Dragon Sword Captain) Deceased

Evan Thundersword (Alarphon, OverSword Noble) NPC Deceased

Felix Abrylar (High War Wizard) NPC Deceased

Quintus Ashmyer (War Wizard Aspirant) Retired

Astarn King (Militia Sergeant) Transferred

Wake Soshin (Militia Sergeant) Resigned

Morich Leonson (Level 10, Purple Dragon Lionar) Resigned

Mila Dyr'lend (Militia Private) Fired

Salina Baley (Level 5, Militia Sergeant) Resigned

Duran Foster (Level 8, Militia Lieutenant) Missing

Rienna Rosewood (Level 8, Purple Dragon Scout) Transferred

Walter Smith (Level 4, Militia Private) Deceased

Purple Dragon (Lionar) NPC

Brazol Marksan (Level 7, War Wizard Generalist) Retired

Vico Tournium (Militia Private) Murdered

Purple Dragon (Blade) NPC

Purple Dragon (Lancelord) NPC

Michaela Farell (Level 7, Militia Sergeant) Retired

Alexander Cain (High Wizard Spellsword) NPC

Pierson Floyd (Level 4, Militia Private) Deceased

Alexania Daxton (Level 7, Purple Dragon Tracker) Resigned

Jessie Palmer (Militia Private)