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Karl "Bluebeard" Stoneguard (Level 12, Dwarven Defender) Deceased

Ky'ran Lordoron (Level 13 Divine Champion of Torm) Deceased

Nami Raz'run (Level 12) Retired

Miyara Shadowmoon (Level 12) Retired

Kieron Shadwell (Level 12, Mystran Shrine member) Retired

Laioric T'Laeren (Level 10, Elven Warband Leader, Arcane Archer) Deceased

Galandrias Shadowwalker (Level 11, Elven Warband Second-in-Command) Deceased

Rebecca Kelten (Level 10) Deceased

Wanderer (Level 14) NPC Deceased

Thaegen Moondown (Level 10, Seldarine Council) Deceased