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Juline Lyonall (Level 9, Knight Veteran, Tyr) Resigned

Kelly Roslin (Level 9, Knight Veteran, Ilmater) Resigned

Ector Anscoul (Knight Initiate, Tyr) Resigned

Edwyrd Whitemane (Level 10, Senior Knight, Ilmater) Retired

Ophias Dlandren (Knight Initiate, Torm) Resigned

Ariana Hawkwinter (Level 9, Veteran Knight, Siamorphe) Retired

Dove Silvershield (Level 10, Senior Knight, Keeper of the Scrolls, Tyr) Retired

Richard Emmerson (Level 13, Senior Knight, Tyr) Resigned

Pers Sane (Chief Justice, Tyr) NPC Deceased

Adamantar Belamont (Senior Knight, Master of Initiates, Helm) NPC Deceased

Richard Stallner (Level 9, Senior Knight, Master of Arms, Tyr) Retired

Salk (Level 6, Knight Initiate, Tyr) Missing

Nathan Goldmane (Level 7, Senior Knight, Helm) Retired

Theodoric Edom (Level 6, Initiate, Tyr) Retired