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Brutus Hadrian (Level 13) Deceased

Paige Foncee (Level 11) Executed

Amilyndria Dannodel (Level 9) Executed

Thrag Gelxsen (Level 8) Retired

Susan Jaffords (Level 11) Retired

Revus Trence (Level 9) Deceased

Elsbeth (Level 10) Retired

Argual Vaelon (Level 7) Murdered

Ketu Mond (Level 11) Missing

Max Lerouge (Level 9) Deceased

Mainu Jassan Retired

Neraj Mor'dzin (Level 7) Deceased

Ratworthy P. Wheedle Retired

Ella the Black Rose (Level 10) Retired

Ferria Varre (Level 5) Executed

Shandrii Shadowhisper (Level 8) Deceased

Tarrith Swift (Level 6) Retired

Justian Yamoto (Level 9, Assassin) Executed

Sarriss Romm Retired

Norven Hawklight (Level 7) Unknown

Jon Ermyn (Level 9) Retired