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Mallith Spellsword

Lilith Blackhart Deceased

Darmos Lauthyr (High Priest of Tymora, Divine Champion of Tymora)

Barian Fyngos

Clar Banda

Myrmeen Lhal (Lord Lady, Ruler of Arabel)

Temon Oak (Level 14, Shop Owner, Former Player Character)

Tamal Bentan (Bane Cleric)

Bubba (He thinks your mouth is "purty") Executed

Adrius Rhaul Deceased


Etheldrek Pheron (Champion of Auril, Blackguard, White Half-Dragon, the Bleakchild) Deceased

Initiate Raznor (Shrine of Mystra Head)

Podwig the Penguin (God damn -demon-)

The Lurker

Evarcon Razorhand Deceased

Kyuzo Le'test Deceased

Kela Le'test Deceased

Xecharius Naemar Deceased

Zeletheria Naemar Deceased

Kar'thax'alon Deceased

Othokentvivex (Most misleading name translation EVER) Deceased

Lucretia Mertoi

Chade Deceased

Theliobar (Wizard of Wyvernwater) Deceased