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Lucian Kennemen (Level 6, Tiefling) Executed

Mar Gangle (Level 11, 13 with ECL, Duergar) Deceased

Sehkemet Ahmose (Level 6, 7 with ECL, Tiefling) Deceased

Penrith (Level 6, 9 with ECL, Werewolf) Deceased

Brian Lucane (Level 9, 10 with ECL, Aasimar, former KOTMS) Retired

Shania Kelten (Level 11, 13 with ECL, Wererat) Deceased

Christina Saelhart (Level 10, 11 with ECL, Aasimar) Deceased

Jacen Tyrane (Level 11, 12 with ECL, Aasimar) Retired

Zirak Khilm (Duergar) Murdered

Cordak Thrul (Level 6, 7 with ECL, Tiefling, Assassin) Retired

Kerier Sane (Level 6, 7 with ECL, Tiefling) Deceased

Kaldor Drerimond (Wererat) Retired

Throlgar Kyyrnuld (Duergar) Murdered

Vincent "Maverick" Aers (Level 4, 5 with ECL, Tiefling)

Thakrin Osvarr (Duergar) Executed

Emma Marie (Tiefling) Retired

Liman Blanecroft (Wererat) Deceased

Mendel Naren (Level 4, 6 with ECL, Wererat) Deceased

Aram Shyal (Level 8, 9 with ECL, Tiefling) Retired