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Oviate Dest (Thayan Guard) Sold

Thraznar Voldan (Level 9, Thayan Knight) Retired

Sosav Razim (Level 7, Thayan Knight) Executed

Constince Sorellon (Senior Magus) Transferred

Tharik Knostus (Senior Magus) Transferred

Ezra Rhym (Magus) Transferred

Marziima Ansalab (Senior Magus) Transferred

Korian Hathur (Senior Magus) Executed

Aznar Lauzoril (Senior Magus) Deceased

Chavhan Vorn (Lord Magus) Deceased

Thorlen Kren (Thayan Knight, Weapon Master) Freed

Savvis Zaxim (Senior Magus) Deceased

Metin Zeki (Magus) Missing

Dimitri Kren (Khazark) NPC Deceased

Umara Kraan (Thayan Guard) Retired

Zafir Nassar (Magus) Transferred

Szass Zoon (Level 3, Magus) Executed

Szoon Pyr (Level 9, Senior Magus) Executed

Vaznar Kalmyr (Level 5, Magus) Deceased

Chathi Fezim (Level 6, Thayan Guard) Sold

Torisk Rhym (Level 7, Senior Magus)

Hito Delphine (Level 11, Thayan Knight, Weapon Master) Freed

Carsinna Ananth NPC Missing

Metezen Zyr'lent (Thayan Knight Captain) NPC Missing

Serenius Kathon (Level 9, Thayan Knight) Retired

Azria Saal (Thayan Knight) Retired

Tristan Strikeheart (Thayan Knight) Retired

Dranithar Ryerniz (Thayan Knight) Retired

Erzsebet Cachtice (Magus) MIA

Zornha Tzim (Thayan Guard) Missing

Aloth Ashaben (Thayan Guard) MIA

Neveron Thrul MIA

Ophelia of Thay (Level 10, Senior Magus, Saved the world from the Primordial, ZERO credit!) Deceased

Vyrania (Thayan Knight) MIA