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Sarah Ders Retired

Mortimer Needlenose (Level 11) Resigned

Michaels (Chamberlain) NPC

William Thond (Head) NPC

Koriano Keeler (Level 13) Resigned

Darvin Buckman Retired

Alazlyn Serer Retired

Felix Aldrim (Level 8) Retired

Nayah Carpenter (Level 11) Deceased

Ciara Nell (Level 11) Resigned

Jason Creed (Level 10) Resigned

Lorelai Alysimere Retired

Anouk Valembre (Anna Tinkle) Retired

Sigrin Twighill (Level 7, The Weaver) Retired

Wesh Smith (Level 9) Deceased

Tania Temujai (Level 6) Missing

Korgan Thunderhammer Resigned

Tera Meyer (Level 9) Deceased