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Monah Ode (Level 13) Retired

Gunthar Rhynhart (Level 8) Retired

Joraz Droese (Level 10) Deceased

Viviana Ashlen (Level 9) Retired

Wynn SeLangstra (Level 8, Paladin of Sune) Deceased

Hida Susai (Level 9, Weapon Master) Retired

Bahkrah Retired

Rain (Level 12) Deceased

Magister Blake (Level 11, Weapon Master) Deceased

Alexandria Demetrian (Nobility) Retired

Laurel Tysmali Retired

Juline Galley (Level 12) Retired

Ristin Tiavor (Level 6) Retired

Marena Poe (Level 7) Deceased

Bethany St. Downs (Level 6, Paladin of Ilmater) Deceased

Xander Kraven (Level 10) Deceased

Farshid Sepahdar (Level 11) Deceased

Rupert Retired

Aaron Chance (Official Lady's House) Retired

Evelyn Adhmor (Official Lady's House) Deceased

Adre Darksteel (Level 9) Deceased

Troy Flavel (Level 9, Divine Champion of Helm)

Sam'mard Hawksongs (Level 6) Retired